Black Sea Hamsi Tava is a simple and tasty dish of Black Sea Cuisine. It can be described as a Pan Fried Anchovy. This dish is usually served as a main course for lunch or dinner.

Black Sea Hamsi Tava main ingredients is Black Sea Hamsi fish.  Actually Black Sea Hamsi is a general trade name of two different species of fish which are very popular at all Coasts of Our Lovely Sea. The first one is the Azov anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus maeoticus Pusanov, 1926) and the second one is the Black Sea anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus ponticus Alexandrov, 1927). Nowadays, both species, under the common trade name Black Sea Hamsi are the main fishing fish of the Black Sea fisheries basin. On the market Black Sea Hamsi mostly available in fresh, salted or marinated form and in frozen after the end of fishing season.

The freshness of Hamsi is very important for this dish.  Frozen cleaned vacuums packed version can be used out of season but requires slow thawing in the refrigerator for overnight.

As the Hamsi deteriorates faster than any other fish, it needs to be clean as fast as possible. At many fish markets around Black Sea sellers clean and wash Hamsi for customers.

The original recipe of Black Sea Hamsi Tava comes from the South Coast of Our Lovely Sea.

Preparation stage of Black Sea Hamsi Tava is simple but dirty work. Fish need to be cleaned and well rinsed in the water, dries and sprinkled with salt.

Cooking stage of the dish is much easier and as short as the preparation stage and takes only 10 minutes. Cleaned and salted Hamsi fish poured and well coated by corn flour, and then fried in olive oil in a large pan for 2 minutes until golden.


Black Sea Hamsi Tava traditionally served warm immediately after cooking with white freshly baked bread and lemon wedges.

You can enjoy Black Sea Hamsi Tava with friends and family in #BlackSeaCuisine restaurants or enjoy at home as it is a very tasty and simple dish.

Black Sea Cuisine is simple, tasty and inexpensive.