What does Cuisine mean?2020-06-09T14:14:43+03:00

A Cuisine is a style of cooking which combine ingredients that mostly available locally, as well as techniques and dishes associated with particular geographic region.

Which factors mostly affect on Cuisine?2020-06-09T14:14:09+03:00

The main factors that have an influence on every Cuisine are – the area’s climate, the international trade, religiousness laws and culinary culture exchange.

Does Cuisine stay the same constantly?2020-06-09T14:13:38+03:00

Not at all. Cuisines are evolving continually, and new cuisines are created by innovation and cultural interaction. Fusion cuisine, Cuisine Nouveau, Mediterranean Cuisine, Molecular cuisine are good examples. An international trade brings new ingredients to existing cuisines and changes them as well.

What does Global Cuisine mean?2020-06-09T14:13:00+03:00

Unfortunately we see more and more often so called global cuisine around us. It is a cuisine that practiced around the world and based on common use of major foodstuffs which are not related to any specific regions.

On the other side every regional cuisine is always based on available typical ingredients, local cooking traditions and techniques, as well as overall cultural differences.

Such factors can be uniform across wide but common territory as it was with Mediterranean Cuisine and as it will be with Black Sea Cuisine soon.

What can Cuisine provide for economy of region?2020-06-09T14:12:17+03:00

Every major Cuisine in the world is a unique economic driver for its native country or area of origin.

The most impactful among them are known to provide substantive income for a huge number of small, medium and big size enterprises like restaurants, street food vendors, food and wine retailers, food producers, cooking equipment producers, hotels, farms, fishing enterprises, bakers and cheese makers, wineries, logistics and trade companies,  tour operators, rent-a-car companies, airline companies, cruise companies, etc.

A Great Cuisine brings to its place of origin a worldwide recognition, boosts GDP by export of local foods and beverages to overseas, draws sustainable flows of inbound tourists.

How Black Sea Cuisine can be determine?2020-06-09T14:11:27+03:00

As a separate culinary category, Black Sea Cuisine can be determined as a combination of dishes, regional products, ingredients,  as well as recipes, equipment, techniques and methods of preparation – deeply rooted in local traditions and most typical for the Black Sea Coastal Area.

What are the cornerstones of Black Sea Cuisine?2020-06-09T14:10:51+03:00

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How many dishes are typical for overall Black Sea Coastal Area?2020-06-09T14:10:17+03:00

Research aimed at identification and description of all typical dishes and products has been properly carried out, and more than 650 items have been identified. Research activities were carried out by experts from Bulgaria, Georgia, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine and covers all of the Coastal area and relates to every littoral country (including Moldova and Romania where, unfortunately, we have no official representatives yet).


How many dishes Black Sea Cuisine Menu should include?2020-06-09T14:09:46+03:00

The Common Black Sea Cuisine we develop is not an aggregate of all dishes typical for the Black Sea Coastal Area, rather, it’s a reasonable sample of the most common, most recognizable, and most original among them for worldwide promotion. In sum, the Black Sea Cuisine development process is not about collecting a broad list of dishes, it’s about a careful selection of a few ones standing a chance of international success.

It would be impossible for any consumer to recognize and remember most of 650 typical dishes of the Black Sea Coastal Area. To be memorable and useful, the Black Sea Cuisine should include very limited number of dishes and regional products.

What would you like to achieve finally?2020-06-09T14:09:19+03:00

Our mission is to develop and offer to final consumers as well as involved small, medium and big size enterprises a distinct and accomplished Brand – the Black Sea Cuisine – and make it well recognisable and appreciated worldwide.

How big is a market for Black Sea Cuisine?2020-06-09T14:08:49+03:00

The estimated international potential target audience of Black Sea Cuisine roughly exceeds 500 million end consumers.

What is an International Claster mean and who can be member of it?2020-06-09T09:23:10+03:00

For the international cooperation and consolidation of efforts around a concept of one, all-encompassing Common Black Sea Cuisine we created the Black Sea Cuisine International Cluster with a broad range of interested market stakeholders, in particular: restaurants, hotels, farms, manufacturers of regional products, fishing enterprises, bakers and cheese makers, wineries, logistics and trade companies, educational and training institutions, tour operators, air companies, rent-a car companies, etc.

Cluster membership is open to interested stakeholders not only from the Black Sea Coastal countries – Bulgaria, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine – but also from other states, provided that they share our philosophy and objectives.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any other questions at office@blackseacuisine.world or at Black Sea Cuisine Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.