Vinoterria Hotel – Restaurant


Viniterria is a small cozy hotel surrounded by vineyards. Hotel is located in Semigorie village in Krasnodar region, on the motorway Anapa - Novorossiysk, just 25 km from Anapa Airport. [...]

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Nesterov Winery


Nesterov winery is a family owned winery whose vineyards are located in the Semigorye Valley, next to the Anapa - Novorossiysk motorway. It is a young enterprise and the first [...]

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Estate Sikory


Estate Sikory The vineyards and winery Estate of Sikory are located in the Semigorje Valley, next to the Anapa - Novorossiysk motorway, just 25 kilometers from Anapa Airport. The [...]

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Restaurant Divnomorskaya Rakushka


Divnomorskaya Rakushka is a chain of fast-food restaurants focus on dishes from fresh mussels and oysters growing at water farm located nearby, in the area of Divnomorsky village. Restaurants are [...]

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Blacksea’s seafood


Chernomorskye moreproducty (Blacksea’s seafood) The company was founded in 2016 as a water farm in the village of Divnomorsky, near the city of Gelendzhik, in an ecologically clean area of [...]

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