Restaurant Barkas


Restaurant Barkas is located in the center of Sevastopol with a nice panoramic view  of the City. The menu offers a wide range of dishes made with fish, seafood and [...]

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Ahora Restaurant


Ahora is a fine dining restaurant located in the Lozenets district of Sofia. The menu offers a wide range of Chef’s Sevda Dimitrova creative gourmet dishes made with seasonal products [...]

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Vinoterria Hotel – Restaurant


Viniterria is a small cozy hotel surrounded by vineyards. Hotel is located in Semigorie village in Krasnodar region, on the motorway Anapa - Novorossiysk, just 25 km from Anapa Airport. [...]

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La Couronne D’Or Restaurant


Zorlu Grand Hotel takes pride in serving the best dishes of typical Local, Turkish, International and Black Sea cuisine. After dining at La Couronne D’Or Restaurant guests can enjoy digestifs [...]

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Zlaten Rozhen Winery


Zlaten Rozhen Winery  The story of Zlaten Rozhen Winery was started in 2009 with the purchase of several small vineyards and construction of a small boutique hotel in the village [...]

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Zlaten Rozhen Hotel – Restaurant


Zlaten Rozhen Hotel - Restaurant Zlaten Rozhen Hotel in the village of Rozhen is a boutique hotel for complete relaxation, spa treatments, degustation of delicious specialties including Black Sea Cuisine dishes and [...]

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Restaurant Legenda


Restaurant Legenda Legenda gourmet restaurant is located in a picturesque location on the Yalta-Sevastopol highway, on the observation deck above Laspi Bay, which offers beautiful views of Kush-Kaya Mountain and [...]

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Restaurant Aqua Burgas


Aqua Burgas Restaurant Aqua Burgas Restaurant is part Aqua Burgas Hotel complex. Restaurant is specialising at family’s events and corporate incentive programs as well as [...]

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Restaurant Divnomorskaya Rakushka


Divnomorskaya Rakushka is a chain of fast-food restaurants focus on dishes from fresh mussels and oysters growing at water farm located nearby, in the area of Divnomorsky village. Restaurants are [...]

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Restaurant Cеmilusta – Trabzon


Cemilusta brand was born in 1969 when Cemil Kalkışım, at that time a 12-year-old barber's apprentice, took over a restaurant with 2 tables in Akçaabat district of Trabzon under [...]

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