Stratsin Winery


Stratsin Winery is located in the Pomorie Region of Bulgaria, an area with ancient traditions in the winemaking. The winery began operation in 2015 and oriented on wines with a [...]

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Zlaten Rozhen Hotel – Restaurant


Zlaten Rozhen Hotel - Restaurant Zlaten Rozhen Hotel in the village of Rozhen is a boutique hotel for complete relaxation, spa treatments, degustation of delicious specialties including Black Sea Cuisine dishes and [...]

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Restaurant Divnomorskaya Rakushka


Divnomorskaya Rakushka is a chain of fast-food restaurants focus on dishes from fresh mussels and oysters growing at water farm located nearby, in the area of Divnomorsky village. Restaurants are [...]

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Restaurant Cеmilusta – Trabzon


Cemilusta brand was born in 1969 when Cemil Kalkışım, at that time a 12-year-old barber's apprentice, took over a restaurant with 2 tables in Akçaabat district of Trabzon under [...]

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