Vidinska Gamza Winery 


Vidinska Gamza Winery is located near a small village Novo selo in the Vidin Region in the north-west of Bulgaria. The Danube river provides the region with short but very [...]

Vidinska Gamza Winery 2021-01-26T19:57:26+02:00

Stratsin Winery


Stratsin Winery is located in the Pomorie Region of Bulgaria, an area with ancient traditions in the winemaking. The winery began operation in 2015 and oriented on wines with a [...]

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Valery Zaharin Vineyards & Winery


Valery Zaharin as winemaker owns more than 100 hectares of vineyards in Crimea. Today his range of cultivated grapes includes a lot of varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon, Aligote, Muscat Ottonel, [...]

Valery Zaharin Vineyards & Winery2020-06-24T13:38:35+03:00

Bouquet of Moldova Winery


Bouquet of Moldova story starts from the wine distillery opened in Dubossary on the site of the modern winery in the early 1920s. For a long time Dubossar’s winery was [...]

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Nesterov Winery


Nesterov winery is a family owned winery whose vineyards are located in the Semigorye Valley, next to the Anapa - Novorossiysk motorway. It is a young enterprise and the first [...]

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Estate Sikory


Estate Sikory The vineyards and winery Estate of Sikory are located in the Semigorje Valley, next to the Anapa - Novorossiysk motorway, just 25 kilometers from Anapa Airport. The [...]

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Zlaten Rozhen Winery


Zlaten Rozhen Winery  The story of Zlaten Rozhen Winery was started in 2009 with the purchase of several small vineyards and construction of a small boutique hotel in the village [...]

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