The recipe of Black Sea Turshu Kavurma is very simple. It is a very easy and fast cooking  practical and light meal This dish has a very surprising flavour. A completely different flavor from any other dishes of Black Sea Cuisine. It is frequently made in almost every home in the South Coast of Our Lovely Black Sea,  mostly eaten as a main meal in the evening or at the breakfast table.

Course – Main course

Serves 4-5

Preparation time – 10 minutes   Cooking time – 15 minutes

500 grams of pickled beans

2 onions

3 tablespoons olive oil

2 tablespoon butter

2 cloves of garlic

1 teaspoon of ground pepper

1 teaspoon of salt

To make the dish more delicious put the pickled beans in a bowl and soak them in enough to cover water for 1 hour.

Cooking this dish is not complicated. Take the bean pickles from the water and drain well.  Chop them into large pieces. Cut the onions into half rings. Fry them in a deep pan in a preheated mix of olive oil and butter until the onions turn brown. Add the pepper flakes and mix well all for a few times. Add the chopped pickled beans and continue roasting. Crush the garlic cloves in a mortar and add it to the pan. Roast for a couple minutes, add salt and cover the pan with the lid. Take a pan from the heat.

Traditionally Black Sea Turshu Kavurma is served hot or cold and it goes well with a glass of wine or ayran, or Black Sea Tea. Sometimes this dish is cooked in advance.

You can enjoy Black Sea Turshu Kavurma with friends and family in #BlackSeaCuisine restaurants or at home as it is not very difficult to prepare.

Black Sea Cuisine is simple, tasty and inexpensive.