Bouquet of Moldova story starts from the wine distillery opened in Dubossary on the site of the modern winery in the early 1920s. For a long time Dubossar’s winery was oriented at the production of fortified wines, cognac distillate and grape wines.

The winery became well known after 1966 when the production of flavoured wines like Vermouth was established and named Bouquet of Moldova. The trademark “Bouquet of Moldova” became very famous and popular throughout the Soviet Union and it was a symbol of Moldova at the time.

Bouquet of Moldova winery has 437 hectare of vineyards with different grapes varieties cultivated on the plots. Today products list of the Winery Bouquet of Moldova are includes unique vermouths, flavoured wines, liqueurs, balsams, strong alcoholic beverages like brandy and divines (cognacs), dry white and red wines, and sparkling wines as well.

4500, Dubossary, Sverdlova str. 109.


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