Black Sea Kiofte is one of the most known dishes of Black Sea Cuisine. It became world-famous thanks to its taste and simplicity.

Black Sea Kiofte is a Minced Meat Cutlet from ground beef or mixture of ground beef and lamb, beef or lamb fat, stale bread, garlic, black pepper and salt. There are no onions or any other ingredients. They are formed in small rectangular or round shapes. Grill is the most popular technology for Black Sea Kiofte cooking, but the acceptable methods are frying in a pan or baking in the oven.

The original recipe of Black Sea Kiofte came from the South Coast of Our Lovely Sea.

Black Sea Kiofter is usually served with grilled tomatoes and green pepper. Also it can be served with onion, potato chips, rice and bulgur pilaf separately. And it goes well with red wine, beer or ayran.

You can enjoy Black Sea Kiofte with friends and family in #BlackSeaCuisine restaurants or at home as it is available in retail pre-packed and ready to cook.

Black Sea Cuisine is simple, tasty and inexpensive.