Zlaten Rozhen Winery


Zlaten Rozhen Winery  The story of Zlaten Rozhen Winery was started in 2009 with the purchase of several small vineyards and construction of a small boutique hotel in the village [...]

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Zlaten Rozhen Hotel – Restaurant


Zlaten Rozhen Hotel - Restaurant Zlaten Rozhen Hotel in the village of Rozhen is a boutique hotel for complete relaxation, spa treatments, degustation of delicious specialties including Black Sea Cuisine dishes and [...]

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Restaurant Legenda


Restaurant Legenda Legenda gourmet restaurant is located in a picturesque location on the Yalta-Sevastopol highway, on the observation deck above Laspi Bay, which offers beautiful views of Kush-Kaya Mountain and [...]

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Restaurant Aqua Burgas


Aqua Burgas Restaurant Aqua Burgas Restaurant is part Aqua Burgas Hotel complex. Restaurant is specialising at family’s events and corporate incentive programs as well as [...]

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Restaurant Divnomorskaya Rakushka


Divnomorskaya Rakushka is a chain of fast-food restaurants focus on dishes from fresh mussels and oysters growing at water farm located nearby, in the area of Divnomorsky village. Restaurants are [...]

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Restaurant Cеmilusta – Trabzon


Cemilusta brand was born in 1969 when Cemil Kalkışım, at that time a 12-year-old barber's apprentice, took over a restaurant with 2 tables in Akçaabat district of Trabzon under [...]

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