Black Sea Midye Natiur is a simple, light and tasty dish of Black Sea Cuisine. It can be described as a Mussels Cooked with Herbs and Wine. This dish is usually served for lunch or dinner.

Black Sea Midye Natiur basic ingredients are mussels. Today more than half of mussels at Our Lovely Sea are cultivated and the other half are wild. The quality and freshness of them are  very important for this dish. At primary selection mussels should be undamaged and fresh-smelling, and all of them should be tightly closed and any should be rejected if not shut when tapped.

The original recipe of Black Sea Midye Natiur comes from the South-West Coast of Our Lovely Sea. But it is most likely that roots of this dish originate from French or Belgian – Moules Natures.

Preparation stage of Black Sea Midye Natiur requires very careful cleaning of mussels. Scraping  off any barnacles from the shells and pulling out and detaching any hair-like beard fibers from the hinges of the shells need to be done very carefully. As well as intensive scrubbing of each mussel from both shells sides under running cold water with a stiff brush in order to remove any sand and clean well mussels. After cleaning mussels placed in a big bowl with lightly salted cold water for about 2 hours or until ready to cook. Fresh water kill’s the mussels quite quickly.

Cooking stage of the dish is much easier and shorter than the preparation stage and takes only 6 minutes. Ingredients are cleaned fresh mussels, celery stalks, fresh green onions stalks, olive oil, cloves of garlic, parsley, butter and salt. An obligatory ingredient is a cup of wine of Chardonnay aged in barrique.

Black Sea Midye Natiur traditionally served warm immediately after cooking with freshly baked crispy bread.

You can enjoy Black Sea Midye Natiur with friends and family in #BlackSeaCuisine restaurants or enjoy at home as it is a very light and healthy dish.

Black Sea Cuisine is simple, tasty and inexpensive.