The recipe of Black Sea Kuymak is simple but the final taste is extraordinarily delicious if ingredients are selected well and the dish cooked carefully and in the proper way.

The main secret of Black Sea Kuymak is the quality of ingredients, especially batter and cheese.

Serves 2-3

Preparation time – 5 minutes Cooking time – 25 minutes

2-3 full tbsp butter

2-3 full tbsp coarse cornmeal

1 cup of hot water

200-300 g of cheese pasta filata type


Сut cheese in cubes. Put tava (or similar frying pan) at low heat and add butter. Melt butter in a pan and heat it well but do not burn. Add cornmeal and sauté for a few minutes at medium heat until it changes its colour. Pour hot water and stir the mixture with wooden spatula for a few minutes until it gets a thick consistency. Add cubed cheese and stir constantly until the cheese melts completely. Take tava to very low heat and wait until the butter comes to the surface. Serve immediately and consume it hot.

Black Sea Kuymak is better to cook and serve in copper tava. It is never cooked in advance. Traditionally it is served and consumed hot in tava with white fresh bread and it goes well with the glass of wine or ayran, or Black Sea Tea.

You can enjoy Black Sea Kuymak with friends and family in #BlackSeaCuisine restaurants or at home as it is easy to prepare.

Black Sea Cuisine is simple, tasty and inexpensive.